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Production with high resource efficiency

In an era of escalating raw material shortages, it is absolutely essential to think and act ecologically. Therefore, the circumspect use of our natural resources is an important element of our corporate culture. 

Our environmental footprint is attributable to power and fuel consumption in production and distribution. In cooperation with Swiss Energy Agency (EnAW) and the myclimate Foundation, we have successfully implemented various environmental soundness measures in the past years. We can proudly report that with respect to CO2 intensity, we are on track and have accomplished the objectives defined in the target agreement as scheduled.


CO2-reduction - We're doing it

  • Partnership with myclimate
    Agreement with the myclimate Foundation for climate-neutral packaging.

  • Membership to the Initiative SAVE FOOD
    SAVE FOOD is a joint initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Messe Düsseldorf, and Interpack, the leading global trade fair for packaging and processes. 

  • New regenerative exhaust air purification system (RNV) and process optimisations
    The new exhaust air purifica­tion system with heat recovery for thermal oil and hot water consumes much less energy than the old system. Air volumes that pass through the new equipment for drying processes have been optimized. The total annual savings amount to about 1000 MWh.

  • 2003 Wipf AG joined the Swiss Energy Agency
    Commitment with the Swiss Energy Agency (EnAW) to reduce CO2 emissions. The measures are reviewed in annual audits. In the past years, Wipf AG has implemented over 30 actions at the Volketswil plant. 

  • Flexible Packaging supports sustainable production and consumption
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It is our responsibility

  • Paper recycling
    Waste paper is 100 % recycled at Elco! Already in 2010, we returned 60 % of our paper waste to the material cycle. In 2020, every piece was collected and used again.

  • Lighting
    The office premises were equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, where possible additionally with presence detectors. This results in lighting energy savings of approximately 50 %.

  • Heat recovery
    Expansion of waste heat recovery in vacuum pump center - Elco AG now heats largely with stored heat from the production machines.

    A lot of heat is generated during the production of our products. The approx. 120 degree hot air is stored in our heat accumulator via a heat exchanger. Our company building is heated to 90 % by this residual heat from our production. Thus, we only have to resort to our heating system when temperatures below 0 degrees are imminent. Since production already generates a lot of heat, this is additionally mixed with fresh air.

    The optimization of waste heat utilization achieved a saving of 66 tons of CO2 in 2019 (level will be maintained for the ongoing years).

  • Partnership with myclimate
    Since 2009, the myclimate Foundation has been supporting Elco AG in its ecological development. This has created the prerequisites for CO2-neutral envelopes.

  • Printing inks
    The printing inks used for envelopes are solvent-free flexo print watercolours which are applied to the paper without additional drying. The own ink mixing equipment allows to meter the ink quantity precisely. Remaining inks are used for inside printing.

  • Production
    The production process and the building should correspond to state-of-the-art technology and be undertaken with ecologically aspects in mind. Production waste is sorted and recycled. Production waste water is purified in line with the regulations through the public three-stage purification plant. The buildings are heated using natural gas, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gases.



Ecological conduct is important to us

  • Resources
    The emphasis is on creating products with materials that can be returned to ecosystem cycles at the end of their service life.

  • Packaging
    Thanks to returnable containers and interchangeable frame pallets, packaging materials can be used multiple times where this is meaningful.

  • Production
    The intention is to assure that production processes are state-of-the-art and comply with ecological benchmarks. Our production facilities are equipped with certified noise-abatement systems and strictly conform to SUVA occupational health and safety regulations. Production waste is sorted and returned to material flow cycles. Production effluents are treated in a public three-stage plant as mandated by law. Buildings are heated with natural gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Energy consumption is sustainably reduced with heat recovery systems.

  • Shipping
    Ecological practices are emphasized in domestic and cross-border shipping. Transportation capacities are optimized by the forwarding company and unladen trips minimized. PostLogistics, the selected forwarder, is certified to ISO 14001.


We print with due responsibility to the environment

  • FSC®-certified
    Flyerline prefer FSC-certified and environmentally friendly papers in the production of flyers, postcards, business cards, brochures and business stationery.
  • iGen4
    Flyerline prints with an iGen4 whose components are 97% recyclable or remanufacurable. It generates and uses no alcohols, solvents, acids or flammable materials.
  • HP-Latex Printing technologies
    Within the range of large format printing Flyerline relies on HP Latex Printing Technologies, which is especially developed for environmental protection.

  • Flatbed UV-printing system
    With the flatbed UV-printing system Arizona 550, Flyerline also meets all relevant regulations regarding health and safety, including CE, UL, CSA, BG, CCC.

Dedicated to superior quality

The quality management approach of the Wipf Group is based on the continuous review of all structures, processes, and results. This allows us to assure resource-compatible and efficient service and production procedures.

Our Certificates


  • Member of Swiss Cleantech Organisation since 2011


  • ISO 9001:2015 since 1994
  • BRC/IoP since 2004
  • ISO 22000:2005 since 2013
  • IATF 16949 - First Edition since 2019
  • Wipf AG is member of Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (EnAW) since 2003
  • Agreement with the myclimate foundation for climate-neutral packaging

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • Agreement with the myclimate foundation for climate-neutral envelopes since 2009
  • Paper with environmental label (FSC®, blue angel)


  • FSC®-certified, use of paper from forests that are managed according to environmentally sound and socially beneficial principles.
  • For all processes and services involving customer data, Swiss Direct Marketing AG has been awarded the GoodPriv@cy® seal of data protection quality.

  • FSC®-certified, use of paper from forests that are managed according to environmentally sound and socially beneficial principles.
  • Privacy seal PCI-DSS
  • Certified system SWISS TS ISO 9001
  • PSO/ISO12647 2 certified
  • Member of the «Global Imaging Graphic Association» (GIGA)
  • «SMETA 4 Pillars» audited

  • Certified in Best Swiss
  • Swiss Made products






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