Top-tier packaging solutions

The quality requirements imposed on flexible packaging are extremely strict. For this reason, Wipf AG works with hand­picked raw materials and combine the best properties of the individual components to obtain new packaging solu­tions. Our objective is to achieve the highest possible level of product and consumer safety with the lowest possible consumption of resources. 

Apart from the flexibility needed to address customer expectations, Wipf AG can leverage its spirit of innovation in laminate technologies and processes.

Product line and technology

  • Laminates and lidding films with barrier and with or without aluminium foil for staple and luxury foods, hygienic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and pet food products
  • Laminates for vacuum and inert-gas packaging
  • Retortable and pasteurizable laminates
  • Prefabricated pouches made of laminates
  • Valve packaging techologies for coffee and other gas-generating products
  • Film finishing: Laminating, roll slitting
  • Printing: Gravure, flexography, inkjet and digital printing
  • Bag and pouch production: Side-sealed bags, stand-up pouches, gusset bags, five-seam pouches, with convenience features such as laser perforation, ziplock closures, starter notches, Easy-Peel, spouts, Seal-Peel, inkjet imprints, embossing, and aroma-protection/pressure-relief valves
  • Production of aroma-protection/pressure-relief valves

Divisions Flexible Packaging

Packaging technology for the food segment
Today, packaging must meet health awareness and convenience trends while at the same time satisfying strict requirements related to hygiene, protection, durability, microwaveability, retortability, processing properties, logistics, and ecological footprint.

Packaging development for pet Food
Wet pet food – especially for cats and dogs – are usually retorted and filled into standup pouches. But Wipf AG also offers ideal pouches and laminates for dry pet food.

Safety and quality in the non-food segment
In the non-food segment, the packaging films and pouches are used predominantly for construction, agrochemical, hygienic, cosmetic, and technical products as well as specialpurpose packaging solutions.

Hygiene standards in the pharma segment
Wipf AG serves the demanding pharma market with a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality deliverables. This includes retortable products, pouches, and films. The especially designed, versatile pharmedX® laminates can be deployed for a wide range of pharma applications.

WICOVALVE® - Little valve, big effect
A wide variety of foods, including coffee and raw sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is where the WICOVALVE® one-way valve, literally provides relief.

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