22.12.2023 13:56

Wipf sets another example for sustainability

As a specialist in customised and sustainable packaging, Wipf AG is very aware of its responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. Sustainable thinking and action are firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

As a founding member of the new association "RecyPac - plastic and beverage cartons cycle ", the company is now also committed to establishing a sustainable nationwide recycling management system. This was prepared together with Swiss Recycle, the umbrella organisation for Swiss recycling systems.

The focus is on coordinating a harmonised collection system throughout Switzerland as an industry solution on a voluntary basis.

The declared aim is to establish an efficient recycling system by 2030 with recycling rates of 55 % for plastics and 70 % for beverage cartons. To achieve this, the entire process chain from the packaging manufacturer to the recycler is to be integrated. By establishing collection and recycling channels and increasing the recyclability of products, cycles can be closed holistically. Wipf AG will play its part in promoting the economic material cycle.

Further information can be found at https://www.recypac.ch/

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